In today’s very competitive environment, manufacturers place strong emphasis on product differentiation, in design, visual appearance, and the development of new functionalities. Due to its benefits, the use of plastics is becoming a key strategy in many markets.

We provide customers a broad range of plastics and services in application areas, including automotive, medical, electronics and electrical, information and communication technology devices, as well as consumer products.


Plastic materials are widely used in the interior, exterior and under-the-hood components of automobiles. The main advantage of automotive plastics utilization is the potential for mass and fuel consumption reduction as the result of lighter vehicles. Their improved physical and chemical properties not only reduce weight, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of passenger cars.


Plastics, which have a wide range of desirable properties, are increasingly found in the design and development of many medical device applications. They have contributed to a reduction in medical costs and infectious diseases, making patient environments safer and procedures simpler.

Electronics & Electrical

Plastics are ideal for applications in the Electrical and Electronic sector, especially because of their insulating properties as well as ability to withstand high voltages and temperatures. The incredible range of plastics available and their potential to be engineered to fulfill specific industry requirements have certainly increased product efficiency and performance.

Information & Communication Technology

The industry of Information and Communication Technology is changing constantly, unlike any other. Consumers want their information and communication devices to be smarter, lighter, and look better. We have been developing innovative and competitive solutions for our customers that are tailored to meet the demands of market today and tomorrow.

Consumer Products

Plastics play a vital role in the consumer products industry. They range includes personal care, household goods, food and beverage packaging, and toys and sporting equipment. The technical requirements in this industry are as broad as the application spectrum.

For these and other applications, it is our standard policy to take a full-service approach. Our technical specialists stand ready to consult and provide support at every stage of a project's development, from material selection to mold and product design, processing technology, to after sales services.