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Door Handle Project

To meet various needs at the forefront of the automotive interior market

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Our customer is well-known new energy vehicles manufacturers, and they are looking for advanced material for car parts. We understand that meeting industry regulations and consumer demands for their products is one of the biggest challenges for automotive manufacturers in their daily work.

Our solution

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To fulfil the specific requirements of automotive interiors is not simple. In the case of common automotive requirements, interiors need to be UV resistant, comply with regulatory controls on odor and VOC, and be cost effective for volume production. How to effectively integrate these material properties is a challenge for automotive engineers.

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We recommend our customers to combine PC/ABS with AD1/AP series TPE. The selected materials are up to 80 Shore, skinny surface and scratch resistance to the application. The combination of various hard plastic PC/ABS/SAN/ASA can bring engineers greater design options and feasibility. The material cost can meet the customer's requirements for efficiency and meet VOC and a series of stringent industry regulations.

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We successfully meet our customer’s requirements by TPE, our thermoplastic materials create customized and cost-effective automotive interior parts. This has helped them to achieve efficient production and to provide customers with sustainable production materials through our stable logistics system.

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