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Coffee Machine Project

Guided by the creation of environmental protection value

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To fight for a better future together, many organizations proactively participate in the replacement of traditional materials by environmental-friendly materials.

Our client, who provides OEM and ODM services of coffee machine to international brands, realizes the needs to deploy and implement environmental-friendly polymers in the development roadmap.


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Similar to any other typical home appliances, a coffee machine consists of many different parts and accessories. Each of these parts and accessories serves different functions and purposes, and thus they are made of different types of materials or polymers.

In order to achieve the challenging goal, it requires multiple types of plastics which are either having bio-based / non-petroleum-based contents, or applying recyclate resin.

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As the direct distribution channel of many international manufacturers of engineering plastics and with the long time co-operation history, Milton Plastics Ltd receives all sorts of first-hand information regarding new materials launch as well as development progress. This allow us having a full picture of what environmental-friendly materials are currently available, and also knowing the missing pieces will be made possible by who and when. This helps our customer a practical plan with thoughtful considerations.

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Eventually, the first coffee machine model consists of 35 % environmental-friendly materials is developed by end of 2020. It is forecasted to increase the percentage to 50 % in the next model by 2021, and 85 % in the 2022 model.


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