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Wearable Devices Project

A perfect match Makroblend® PC combined with TPE

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Customers only focus on the consumer product retail market, so they lack of information about the advance material, certification, and production process adjustments. They need professional advice so that they can choose the most suitable materials to develop second-generation products.

Our solution

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Smart wearable devices, especially sports or smart watches worn on the wrist, often need to meet a series of material requirements: abrasion resistance, long-term skin contact, ability to withstand various detergents and so on. Therefore, we recommend KRAIBURG TPE, which is the ideal material for this application. At the same time, Covestro’s Makroblend® PC is recommended on the watch case material as well. This material is light and durable, and it also complies with the laws and regulations on contact with various individuals.

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The client hopes to develop second-generation smart watch, and looking for value-added elements to their daily wearable sporty watch.

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The second-generation watches have satisfactory changes in weight, case hardness, softness and feel of the watch strap.

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