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COE Annual Presentation - 2020

Professional technical service has always been the competitive advantage of Milton. For more than 10 years, we have been improving our technical service level and competitiveness through continuous learning and knowledge management. Since 2005, Technical Service department (TSD) has established the Center of Expert (COE), where each technical specialist develops advanced plastic technology topics in different fields, and conducts in-depth research and studies, then gathers together to report the research results every year, so as to enhance the expertise of each specialist and the latest technology applications.

Due to the epidemic, we were not able to exchange technical knowledge in person or visit different companies and our business partners as in previous years did. The epidemic might block people’s social distance, but it cannot block us from communicating and sharing knowledge with each other. Our technical specialists from different regions and branches presented their research results through online meeting, and the management and relevant department heads of Milton are invited to attend the presentation. Our technical experts reported and discussed with the attendee enthusiastically on environmental protection materials, healthcare industry trends, latest production technologies and different new material applications. At Milton, we emphasize knowledge management and legacy, the COE presentation has recorded into short videos for all departments or new colleagues to review. We are proud of Milton’s corporate culture and atmosphere of continuous learning.


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