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Guest Speaker @ CityU SHARP Forum

SHARP Forum is a thought-provoking platform that the platform will invite leading business experts to share their experiences and advice regularly, which to spread innovative insights and stretch knowledge boundaries.

On 17 June, Dr. Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton Group, was invited as the guest speaker for SHARP Forum on the topic of “Managing through Supply Chain Disruptions: Innovative Solutions for Business Resilience”. Since the supply chain disruptions caused by unforeseen events or catastrophes, like COVID-19, often pose substantial operational and financial consequences.

The panel speakers shared their insight on how companies might mitigate the disruption risks with innovative strategies and smart technologies from different perspectives. Dr. Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton Group, shared his insight from a manufacturing point of view, which he discussed how can to manage supply chain disruptions by adopting innovative solutions and what is the prospective changes to the supply chain future.

Mr. Keith Ip, CMO of S.F. Express Hong Kong, presented how logistics is the bridge between supplier and customer, and this is the element to connect the supply chain as his topics. He demonstrated how SF Express applied innovative solutions during this challenging moment. Mr. Ronald Iu, CE of AirStar Bank, discussed the advantage of using the virtual bank to manage supply chain disruptions compared to traditional banking.

Followed the panel discussion, the speakers shared and gave new insight to the audience on supply chain fortune, also the real cases was used to explain how the new technology - AI, big data can contribute on supply chain industry.

The event was attended overwhelmingly by professionals and industry practitioners both online and offline, as well as well-received many favorable remarks about the speech and insight on the future of the Supply Chain industry.


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