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KRAIBURG TPE and Milton celebrate 15th Anniversary of Joint Ventures

A facsimile trigger the partnership since 1997, at the time, Milton served as the first distributor for the KRIABURG TPE in Hong Kong and China. Given the success of the distributorship, KRIABURG TPE and Milton formed a joint venture to set up KRAIBURG TPE China Company Ltd (KTC) in 2004 to further strengthen the relationship and the business development in China.

Looking back at what has been achieved in the last 15 years, we can proudly say it has been an extraordinary journey. KTC’s performance was very encouraging and has become an industry leader of thermoplastic elastomer in China.

A celebration party originally held in Nov 2019 in Hong Kong, but the event was cancelled due to the social uncertainty and novel coronavirus swept the world in the recent months. No matter what we believe partnerships like the event theme “Together Everyone Achieves More”, enable our businesses to take further on ambitions and growth, and look forward to recording new achievements in our milestone.


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