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Milton CEO - Mr. Bobby Liu was awarded by Hong Kong Home Affairs

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

HKSAR Home Affairs Bureau organized “SHA’s Commendation Scheme presentation ceremony” on 25th September, 2015, to award individuals who have made outstanding contributions at community building, community service, and the development of sport, culture and art.

The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Lau Kong-wah gave the award to Milton CEO, Mr. Bobby Liu , to commend his dedicated efforts and contributions to community development and youth development in 2015.

Mr. Bobby Liu enthuses over participating community activities.

He is one of the representatives of Eastern District youth programme committee. From 2014 to 2015, Mr. Bobby Liu joint a common effort with Home Affairs Bureau at the E-League programme. The E-League programme covered educational seminars, visits to representative corporations, visits to Government organizations, and International exchanges. The E-League programme aimed to build a network for young people in the district. It gave participants an opportunity to develop self-awareness and to broaden horizons. It was also a great chance for young people to learn from pioneers, in such way they understand the community deeper, and their career developments were guided.

- First meeting with the participants of "The E-League" programme.

-The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr. Lau Kong-wah gave the award to Mr. Bobby Liu.


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