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Technical services team experience sharing meeting

Our Technical Services (TS) team holds annual knowledge sharing meeting every year, which involves members interacting to share ideas, information, and suggestions relevant to the team's task at hand. This year, our TS team came from different regions as a three-day knowledge sharing tour in Shanghai and Wuxi on 4-6 December 2019.

On the first day, the technical team has an internal meeting and shared their findings and insights from their own research topic. Followed, the team has visited some of our strategic suppliers including Covestro, KRAIBURG TPE and Lanxess, which served as a platform for dynamic networking and experience sharing.

Mr. James Yip, Assistant Technical Manager, said, “Our teammates can widen and deepen the technical knowledge and share important lessons to addres practical technical issues.”

In addition, the team has visited the key customers in Wuxi and discussed the latest projects and market trends to exchange creative solutions in a hands-on and experiential manner.

“We shared insights and learnt from others’ experiences, which can enhance team performance and strengthen our competitive advantage by leveraging the collective knowledge of a team. Knowledge sharing leads to superior team performance and that is one of the sources of competitive advantages at Milton.” Mr. Luke Ding, Technical Manager, concluded.


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