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Lightweight Power Tools

The trend of the world's female market

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The client is a well-known international brand, and has long-term cooperation with our Milton to jointly develop various power tool series, fitting different kinds of market demands and customer expectations.


Recently, the client decided to further extend its portfolio by introducing the lightweight series – an easy to use, handy and stylish product category that mainly targets the female user market

Our solution

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Weight reduction is in demand, yet sacrifice in performance is not an option.


Milton provides a full spectrum of materials in power tools application: from power tool body, internal structural parts, gears, connectors, sealing… In this case study we focus on the use of TPE as hand grip and sealing material, and introduce additional values to the application on top of the weight reduction challenge.

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A newly developed TPE (from Kraiburg TPE) is located and recommend for the project, with tons of advantages:

  • Material density is lowered by 37%

  • Adhesion to PA

  • Excellent compression set ratio and resilience

  • Flammability reaching UL94 HB

  • Dry haptics, smooth and even surface


To secure the success of new product series, Milton brings our customer material proposal, consultancy regarding part and mold design, as well as process optimization with respect the this newly developed TPE.

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The lightweight material customized with Kraiburg reduced the elastomer weight by 37%, and the complete product weight is lowered by 18%, which exceeded the customer’s target.

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