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Stationary Project

The devil is in the details

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The client is a long-term partner of Milton and they supplier of demotics stationary product, like gel pens, ball beads and other stationery, also has its own brand. During the material training meeting, our customer asks Milton about material information for their new product project.

Our solution

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For the newly developed ball-point wiping pen products, customers need materials that have good transparency, pass impact resistance and scratch resistance tests, also maximum cost reduce. Therefore, our colleagues in the business development and technical service department are recommended to our customer materials - SAN C and MBS 631from Ineos Styrolution after our staff integrated the needs.

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Ineos Styrolution’s SAN C and MBS 631 meet customer requirements in terms of price, supply and transparency, and also meet the requirements of impact resistance and scratch resistance from a professional technical point of view. Since Milton has cooperated with this customer for many years, we understand the resistance test to the product-it only refers to the general table height (0.5 meters impact resistance) and the nail scratch method to determine whether the material is suitable.


Therefore, we recommendation of SAN C and MBS 631 are under the test conditions, the impact resistance and scratch resistance meet the customer's requirements.

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In the end, MBS 631 standout as the material for the new project due to its price advantage, and the cost was significantly reduced by about 20%-35%. Customers spoke highly of Milton’s service to meet their needs, and also strengthened the discussion with Milton on other cost-effective material replacement solutions for another project.

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