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Wearable Devices Project

A perfect match Makrolon® PC combined with TPE

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The client hopes to develop a second-generation smartwatch and looking for value-added elements to their daily wearable sporty watch.

Our solution

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Customers mainly focus on the consumer product retail market, so they lack of information about the advanced material, certifications/regulations, and process optimization. Professional advices are required for material selection during next-generation product development.

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Smart wearable devices, especially sports or smart watches, are by default supposed to meet a series of requirements: scratch and abrasion resistance, skin irritation-proof, resistance to daily-used detergents, non-tacky feel, light weight, durable and so on.

Eventually, KRAIBURG TPE and Covestro Makrolon® PC are recommended as the materials for watch strap and case respectively. This material combination does not only fulfill the mentioned requirements, but also provide the design flexibility and process advancement due to the 2K molding possibility. Needless to say, these materials fulfill all the mandatory international laws and regulations.

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The second-generation watches have satisfactory changes in weight, case hardness, softness and feel of the watch strap.

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