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Dr Bobby Liu was elected as President of Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Dr Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton Group, was elected as President of Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (YIC) and inauguration ceremony was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on 21 Nov 2019.

Bobby is the awardee of Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong 2009, in the recognition for his distinguished achievements and contributions to industrial and economic development. Since then, Bobby has been actively participating and suppor-ting YIC in different aspect, at the aim to promote the development of Hong Kong industries, strengthen economic and trade relations between Hong Kong, China and other foreign countries, so as to sustain Hong Kong’s economic prosperity.

Bobby was unveiled the official opening with the honourable guests from the government, special representatives and professionals from industry. In the opening remarks at the inauguration ceremony, Bobby said, “The theme of this year is “同心求創新 塑造新機遇”, the word “塑” in Chinese means “plastics” and “creation”, by the means of shaping the future and grasp the opportunities . Plastics applies in our daily life and also a cornerstone of Hong Kong’s solid foundation. Its applications range from simple household goods to various high-end technology products, which is the best proof of Hong Kong’s success of continuous innovation.”

He continued, “Hong Kong” is our home, “youth” is a family for the future of society and the country, and “industry” is the foundation of it and supports the life and development of the world. The uniqueness of YIC are a combination of the above.

In the coming year, Bobby will lead YIC to continue to promote Hong Kong industry in the international market and further strengthen the contributions to the society.


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