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Milton joined Plastics Conference 2019

Plastics Conference 2019 was successfully held on 11 Jan 2019 at Hong Kong Science Park. The theme and focus of the conference was “Technological transformation” of plastic industry. It aims to provide a platform for Hong Kong plastic industry players to exchange the latest technologies and product development, also enhances local plastic industry’s global competitiveness to sustain their business.

Dr. Tony Lau, Senior Manager of Technical Services and Mr. Luke Ding, Technical Manager of Technical Services were invited to join the conference and presented the topics of “The future of automotive rides on Innovative plastics”. Dr Tony Lau analysed the demands on the modern automotive industry are ever challenging and Mr. Luke Ding shared our experience of the use of engineering plastics and their composites in automotive applications.

We also showcased the new applications of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics in different aspects and visitors were very interested in those applications. The seminar was fruitful and we’re glad to introduce the latest market trend and materials to the industry.


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