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Solution on PC, PC/ABS Surface Cracking



Root problem solve

Enhance the productivity

Effective control and monitoring




The surface cracking of PC or PC/ABS is commonly found on injection molded parts, especially cracked after painting. Our customer was producing shifter panel by PC.


While it’s appeared cracks after painting, and some cracks appeared around 1 month after assembly, so the whole lots of products were written off, thus affected the productivity, cost and cannot meet the delivery schedule.


Our Technical Specialist checked the sample and injection process. After checking we noticed:


  1. The dryer settings were not included and red flag was showed

  2. The injection pressures were too high and almost exceed the recommended range

  3. Lack of control and monitoring of barrel temps, screw cushion and pressures


  1. Increase customer mold temperature and injection processing temperature to improve PC material running performance

  2. Reduce product stress

  3. Suggest an effective to control and monitor the overall process

  4. Cracking problem was solved

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