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Established in 2023 but with a combined heritage of over 100 years, Envalior brings together two established global materials players: DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials.

Akulon®, Durethan®

Akulon® and Durethan® offers a high heat resistance, strength and stiffness, as well as excellent slip properties and high abrasion resistance, good resistance to chemicals and low susceptibility to stress cracking.

The versatile portfolio of Akulon® and Durethan® ranges from soft and tough grades to extremely rigid and stiff grades. Therefore, we can offer you an individual solution for a wide variety of requirements and applications.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to process

  • Polyamides combine high mechanical strength 

  • Stiffness with good dielectric properties, 

  • High resistance to both heat and chemical attack 

  • Good friction and wear properties.

Akulon®+Durethan® (PA6, PA66)

Brand                                    Description


Durethan® B


Food contact / Impact-resist

Glass fiber reinforced (Flame-retardant/Halogen-free flame-retardant/Impact-resist/Heat stabilized/High flow)

Glass fiber/beads reinforced

Mineral reinforced

Glass fiber/carbin fiber reinforced, Heat stabilized, Electrical conductive

B30S,B30SF, BC30, BC30S


BKV15, BKV30, BKV50, DP 1852/30,

BKV30 FN04, BKV130, BKV140,

DP 1802 H3.0, BKV30 STS1, BKV35 XTS1, BKV60 H2.0 EF, BKV30EF 






BCF30X H2.0



Glass fiber reinforced

Glass fiber reinforced, Heat stabilized

Glass fiber reinforced, Impact-resist

Food contact application

Medical grade

PCR content

K224-Gx (x: Glass fiber content option)

K224-HGx (x: Glass fiber content option)

K224-PGx (x: Glass fiber content option)

K122-D, F223-D

Akulon® Care series

RE15 BK00003, RE30 BK00003

Durethan® A


Heat stabilized/Halogen-free flame-retartant/Impact resist

Glass fiber reinforced (Flame-retartant/Halogen-free flame-retartant/Heat stabilized/High flow)

A30S, A30S FN31, DP2325 H3.0

AKV15, AKV30, AKV50, AKV30 FN00, DP 2851/30 H3.0, AKV50 H2.0 EF



Glass fiber reinforced

Glass fiber reinforced, Heat stabilized

Glass fiber reinforced, Impact-resist

Food contact application

S223-Gx (x: Glass fiber content option)

S223-HGx (x: Glass fiber content option)

S223-PGx (x: Glass fiber content option)

S223-C, S240-C

Durethan® T




Arnite®T, Pocan®

Arnite®T and Pocan® PBT offers a high heat resistance, strength and hardness, as well as excellent slip properties and high abrasion resistance, good resistance to chemicals, low susceptibility to stress cracking and low moisture absorption.

Besides variations including non-reinforced, glass-fiber reinforced, glass-sphere, or mineral-filled products, flame retardant, elastomer-modified and food-approved grades are also available in order to fulfill various application needs.

Key Benefits

  • High heat resistance

  • Strength and hardness

  • Excellent slip properties 

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Good resistance to chemicals

  • Low susceptibility to stress cracking 

  • Low moisture absorption

Arnite®T+Pocan® (PBT)

Brand                                    Description





Glass fiber reinforced (Flame-retardant/Halogen-free flame-retardant/Hydrolysis stabilized/Laser welding)

White pigment, low tendency to warp, light reflection applications

Micro glass beads reinforced, low tendency to warp, improved surface finish

PBT+PET, glass fiber reinforced, improved surface finish, increased temperature peak load

B1501, B1505, B2505


B3225, B3235, B3233 HR, B3235 LT, B3233 HRLT, B4225, B4235, DP BFN4230



T7331, T7391

Arnite® T



Glass fiber reinforced

Non-reinforced, flame-retartant


Glass fiber reinforced, flame-retartant

Non-reinforced, impact modified


Glass fiber reinforced, impact modified

Non-reinforced, improve toughness


Glass fiber reinforced, improve toughness

Glass fiber reinforced, high glossy, low tendency to warp

​Glass fiber reinforced, UV resist

Glass fiber reinforced, Hydrolysis stabilized

Medical grades

T06 202

TV4 240, TV4 261, TV4 290

T06 200 SNF

TV4 240S, TV4 260S, TV4 261SF.

T06 206T

TV6 241T

T08 200

TV6 240, TV8 260

TV4 441, TV4 461, TV4 491

TV4 461 KL, TV4 491 KL

TV4 261 HR-HS

Arnite® Care series

Arnite® A

Arnite®A PET are high-performance material solutions that combine high strength and rigidity with excellent processing characteristics. As a result, Arnite®A PET are well suited for a broad range of automotive, electrical and electronic, consumer goods, food packaging applications and more. A wide portfolio of Arnite®A PET is available, including unreinforced, reinforced and flame retardant grades.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • High heat resistance

  • Dimension stability

  • High flow and easy processing

  • Abrasion resist

  • Color fastness



Glass Fiber Reinforced

Glass Fiber Reinforced, Flame-retartant

Medical grades

AV2 340, AV2 370/B, AV2 372, AV2 390

AV2 360 S, AV2 360 SN

Arnite® Care series


Stanyl® is the first high-temperature polyamide and the only aliphatic polyamide in its class. Thirty years ago it defined this class of materials and today it is still the most widely used polymer basis. The symmetry of the 46 structure ensures that the polymers fit in the crystal in multiple ways, thereby giving rise to high crystallization speeds and high crystallinity. This combination makes the material ideal for high-temperature applications due to excellent mechanics as well as wear and friction behavior, where the flow and the flow-mechanics balance are one of a kind.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent high-temperature mechanical performance

  • Excellent wear and friction properties

  • Superior flow





Glass Fiber Reinforced


Glass Fiber Reinforced, Long-term heat-resist


Glass Fiber Reinforced, Flame-retartant (EEA applications)

Glass Fiber Reinforced, Flame-retartant (connector applications)

Glass Fiber Reinforced, Halogen-free flame-retartant

TW341, TW371, (Abrasion-resist: TW441, HGR2)

TW200Fx, TW241Fx (x: Glass fiber content option)

HDT 2700

TE250F6, TE250F6D, TE250F8

46HF4530, 46HF5040, 46HF5145

HFX315, HFX335, HFX615, HFX825

ForTii®, ForTii®Ace

ForTii® is a platform of high performance semi-aromatic polyamides (PPA) based on the unique “C4” diamine technology that enables best-in-class mechanical properties due to the optimized crystallization morphology.

In addition, ForTii® offers a unique balance of properties, including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. The ForTii® platform offers material solutions in two product groups:

ForTii® is a PPA with high mechanical properties and good chemical resistance. The ForTii® grades have a melting temperature of 325°C and a glass transition temperature of 125°C.

ForTii® Ace is a high melting PPA with extreme mechanical properties and high chemical resistance. ForTii® Ace grades have a melting temperature in the range of 320°C to 345°C and a glass transition temperature ranging from 135°C to 160°C. ForTii® Ace has the highest aromatic content (>50wt%) of all PPAs.

Key Benefits

  • Very high peak temperature resistance (HDT > 300°C)

  • Halogen free UL94 V-0 possible down to 0.2mm and CTI beyond 800°C

  • High mechanical properties below and above Tg 

  • Superior chemical resistance

ForTii®+ForTii®Ace (PA4T)

Brand                                    Description




ForTii® Ace


Glass fiber reinforced, halogen-free flame-retardant

Glass fiber reinforced, halogen-free flame-retardant, heat-stabilized

Medical grades

Glass fiber reinforced, heat-stabilized, color fastness

F11, T11, TX1

JTX2, K11, K12

ForTii® Care Series

Ace JTX8


EcoPaXX® (PA410) is Envalior’s most established biobased engineering plastic. It combines Envalior’s propriety C4 technology with the power of nature’s C10 building block derived from castor plants, which do not compete with the food chain.


The combination of the short C4 block and the long C10 block gives EcoPaXX® high mechanical properties of typical short chain polyamides, but combines these with lower moisture uptake and higher chemical resistance more typical of long chain polyamides.


EcoPaXX® can easily be processed in PA66 tools while resulting in better surface quality. This makes it an ideal candidate for when performance, aesthetics and sustainability come together.

Key Benefits

  • 30% lower moisture uptake than PA66 with higher mechanical performance

  • Excellent surface finish

  • 72% bio-based resin





Non-reinforced, halogen-free flame-retartant (EEA applications)

Glass fiber reinforced


Glass fiber / mineral refinforced



Q-HG6, Q-HG10, Q-DWX6, Q-DWX10



Xytron™ (PPS) offers extreme chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and is intrinsically flame retardant. It also offers high stiffness up to a glass transition temperature of 90°C, with a continuous use temperature (CUT) between 240-260°C.


Xytron™ is well suited for a broad range of Automotive, E&E and Specialized Industrial applications.

Key Benefits

  • Heat aging performance up to 240 °C

  • Chemical resistance at elevated temperature

  • Dimensional stability



Glass fiber reinforced


Glass fiber reinforced, toughness, resistance to high/low temperature impacts

Glass fiber reinforced, food contact and drinking water applications


Glass fiber reinforced, hydrolysis and aging stabilized

Glass fiber reinforced, low friction and wear

Glass fiber / minerals reinforced, flame-retartant, dimension stability

G4024T, G4024T/A, G4024T/AE

G3010E, G4010E

G3020DW-FC, G4020DW-FC





Arnitel® is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with high temperature resistance, good processability and excellent elastic behavior. Arnitel® belongs to the TPE subcategory of thermoplastic copolyesters (TPC).

Arnitel® is increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers, reducing environmental impact and ultimately system costs. Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, Arnitel® offers exceptional flexibility in design—giving the freedom to implement the most innovative product concepts, and to add value to the design process. Therefore, helping meet demands for ever-higher end-product performance and cost-effectiveness.


Arnitel® has a wide range of hardnesses, which is capable of replacing rubbers, metals, leather and other thermoplastics. Arnitel® delivers superior chemical, heat and wear resistance, along with the ability to be recycled.

Key Benefits

  • Broad range of hardnesses

  • High temperature resistance within the TPE family

  • Mainly used to replace rubber in automotive, electronics and other industries



Generic applications


Medical grades

Bio-based, food contact applications

EM400, EM460, EM630

Arnitel® Care series

ECO L400, ECO L460, ECO L550


Our Case

Industry Applications


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