Celanese Corporation, formerly known as Hoechst Celanese, is a Fortune 500 global technology and specialty materials company headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States.


Hostaform®/Celcon® acetal copolymer (POM) possesses a linear structure with a highly crystalline quality that provides a variety of characteristics: outstanding wear, long-term fatigue, toughness and creep resistance as well as excellent resistance to moisture, solvents and strong alkalis.

Its chemical structure provides a higher stability to thermal and oxidative degradation compared to acetal homopolymers.

Key Benefits

  • Very tough (to -40°C)

  • Very hard and rigid

  • Easy colorization

  • Good heat distortion temperature (to 100°C)

  • Very good slip/wear properties

  • Excellent chemical resistance to fuels, solvents, strong alkalis

  • Excellent resilience

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Resistant to stress cracking 




Unfilled, General Purpose

Low Wear

Low Wear, PTFE Additive
Low Wear, Low Noise 

Glass Fiber Reinforced
Glass Bead Reinforced 

Low Emission 

Impact Modified 

Resistance to Household Cleaners 

Demanding Tribological Applications

C2521, C9021, C13021, C27021, C52021


C9021AW, C9021SW

C9021GV1/10, C9021GV1/30, XGC10


C9021 XAP2



Hostaform SlideX series 


Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a high-temperature semicrystalline polymer that provides high thermal stability, very high chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and creep resistance.

Key Benefits

  • service temperatures up to 240°C

  • very good resistance to chemicals and solvents

  • inherent flame resistant (UL 94 V-0, some grades 5VA)

  • very low moisture absorption

  • suitable for lead-free soldering

  • excellent creep resistance even at elevated temperatures 




Glass Fiber Reinforced

Low Wear, PTFE Additive  

Glass Fiber/Mineral Reinforced


1130L4, 1140L4, 1140L6, ICE 504L




4184L6, 6165A4, 6165A6, 6850L6


Vectra® and Zenite® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is a family of halogen-free, high-performance polymers that provide high-temperature performance in eco-friendly thin-wall applications with exceptionally precise and stable dimensions.

Key Benefits

  • Service temperature up to 240°C, short term up to 340°C

  • Very close tolerances possible (to tolerance class T6)

  • Very low heat of fusion (short cycle times possible)

  • Flash-free injection molding

  • Very high tensile strength (to 200 MPa) and tensile modulus (to 30,000 MPa)

  • Very low coefficient of thermal expansion comparable with that of steel and ceramics

  • Inherently flame-resistant (UL 94 V-0, some grades with 5 VA)

  • Halogen-free without additives

  • Very good resistance to chemicals and oxidation




Balanced Properties

 Improved Stiffness 

High Flow, SMT Solderability  

 LCP/PPS alloy, Glass Fiber Reinforced  

Glass Fiber Reinforced, Lubricated  
Glass Fiber Reinforced, High HDT 
Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Flow, Temperature Resistance, Lubricated 
Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Flow, Improved Toughness, Lubricated  
Glass Fiber Reinforced, Temperature Resistance, Stiffness, Lubricated 

Glass Fiber/Mineral Reinforced, Low Warpage, Lubricated

A130, A150, A435, A950




E130i, E471i, E540i, T130, E488i